What Is A CCTV Drain Survey And What Are Its Benefits?

The CCTV drain survey is a piece of equipment that is used to determine and examine the conditions of drainage systems with a camera system. This camera system captures video recordings and information regarding the drainage system when inspecting and surveying the sewers, underground drains, and much more.

The London CCTV drain survey’s equipment can also be used to examine soil stacks, industrial pipes, storage tanks, ducting systems, vertical chutes, and much more.

Types Of CCTV Drain Survey Camera Systems

·       Robotic Crawler CCTV Cameras

These are used to go through pipes which have a diameter of 150 mm to 2000 mm. They can record HD quality video footage with cameras with LED lights. Cameras are controlled from a special CCTV survey van. The crawlers have a rotating head which allows the camera to film from different angles

·       Push CCTV Drainage Cameras

These are used for pipes with a smaller diameter where robot crawlers can not be used. Mini cameras and LED lights are attached to the end of a flexible rod which is attached to a portable reel.

Types Of CCTV Drain Survey

  • Locating Drain And Sewer Blockages: Used to find the reason as to why there are pipe blockages and also assess the best way to get rid of the blockage
  • Drain And Sewer Inspections: This doesn’t involve having a full recording of the drainage survey; this makes the process faster and cheaper.

What Equipment Is Used In The London CCTV Drain Survey?

  • Waterproof cameras that provide HD quality recordings
  • Access roads are flexible rods that can be used in narrow pipers and to go around corners to get images in small places
  • Sonar units show the condition of the pipe where getting visual access is not possible
  • Crawlers provide good mobility and allow you to get a visual from different angles.

Benefits Of The London CCTV Drain Survey

  • The CCTV drain survey provides a quick analysis of what the problem is exactly. It helps to diagnose the cause of the issue quickly because plumbers can easily see what is happening in the drainage, pipes, etc. through the cameras that have been attached.
  • This method is cheaper and more cost-effective than having plumbers continuously visit to get a diagnosis of the problem.
  • It is also a quicker way to find out what the problem is because it is easier to send an electronic device that can travel through the pipes and drains to find the problem instead of sending a plumber.
  • They don’t cause any disruptions in the work process and they do all the work of locating and diagnosing the problem.
  • It is very useful when buying a new property and one wants to check and analyze all the drainage systems and everything.
  • One can see what the problem is without getting their hands dirty.

London CCTV drain survey is a very useful thing because it has many advantages and helps to diagnose the issue quickly so one can find the solution and treat it before things get worse.