The four key identifies the winning trade strategy

Most traders are in a constant search to find a winning trade strategy. However, very few traders can find and succeed in implementing this winning trade strategy.

Why is that? What is so difficult to understand about the system and trading strategy of the winning day? Where can you go as a trader to find the most powerful and accurate winning trading system and strategy available?

The fact is that most of the trading systems and strategies are well thought out and must win the trading strategy of the day if traders have discipline – both in the right trading strategy of the day, and also in sticking to trading strategies.

But it seems that most of the day traders will try what should be a trading system or strategy that wins only once or twice, and if it does not immediately produce positive results, these traders quickly leave it and turn to the next “hot trade end”. .

And the same traders wonder why they can never make successful trading a consistent day – why they can never lock on the winning trade strategy.

To help you in your search, we have made a four-step punch list for you to follow when you continue your search to identify the winning trade strategy. Note carefully this list – it can be the “game changer” that you have been looking for as a daily trader.

The four keys to identify victory trading strategies:

1. Stay simple, bastard! The best trading system and the best day strategy is also the easiest to learn, understood, and mastered. Trade strategies are more complicated (and believe me, in the world of technical analysis, there are many ultra-complicated trading strategies), more less like you will be able to turn it into a trading strategy for yourself.

When looking for a trading system winner or strategy, find a simple, easy to execute, and it does not require an advanced degree in statistical theory to be understood.

2. Speed ​​is your best friend. The longer you are in trade, the more time is wrong. When looking for a winning trading strategy that is difficult to understand, find one that allows you to enter and exit trade very quickly (my average trade lasts less than a minute).

Find a day trading system that does not focus on “long term” trade (i.e. Whatever more than a few minutes) – It would be better for your trading account and your stress level.

3. Don’t become a stock chart zombie. Most (almost all) trading systems or strategies require you to spend hours aware chained like slaves of your computer, making trade after trade after trade, all day … long ago. Is that really the life you are looking for? Isn’t it better to be in, out, and live with your day?

Actually the slogan “enter, press your target, come out … like you never there” talk directly to this idea. The problem is that most trade strategies require you to watch indicators that will “predict” when the market movement will occur, and also where to enter trade.

Isn’t it easier, and the flat-out is better, if you already know exactly when the market movement will occur, and then how to use that movement? Can’t you significantly reduce your trade risk if you have these three factors in trading your day, Arsenal? The less time you have to spend to run a winning trade strategy, the more like you will maintain your discipline as a merchant. Talk about…

4. Maintain your discipline. No matter the system or trading strategy of the day what ultimately decides, the discipline is really 100% needed for you to become a successful trader. You must maintain your discipline when you run the strategy you choose, and also when you continue to work in perfection.