Reasons a Home Is Not Selling

When their homes for sale are listed, the seller wants to sell it for the price they expect fast but this is not always possible. There are many reasons that a home is not selling for what the seller thinks is a reasonable price. One main reason is that asking price may be too high when you compare it with other homes for sale in the same neighborhood. It may not be in the price along but also what the buyers will receive for their money. Two things that could cause a home not to sell at the asking price are outdated or unattractive features. If buyer is going to buy a home, they want to get the most attractive feature and best upgrades because they do want to have to do upgrades. Buyers are also put off by cluttered, cramped rooms, pet odors in the carpets, stained countertops, stained bathtubs or sinks, etc.

Solutions to help homes sell faster

• Home staging-this is the solution for a home not selling because of its interior looks. Hiring a professional home stager knows how to get rid of the clutter. They have the knowledge to arrange the furnishings to make the best of the space available. One example is the seller has turned the dining room into an office, which works fine for your family but the buyer wants to see that there is space for a dining room when they look at your home. The professional home stager would help the seller turn the room back into what it was originally intended to be used as.

• Helping the potential buyers picture themselves living in the home-if a buyer walks into your home and cannot picture themselves living there because of all your knick-knacks, family pictures, and other personal homes they will check out other homes for sale. Before you start to show your home to potential buyers, you should pack away your family photos and personal items and put them in storage. Scale down the amount of furniture in the rooms to just the basic pieces. Doing these simple things can help a potential buyers walk into your home and imagine themselves living there.

• Sprucing up the home-this can include painting your walls in neutral colors and not bright odd colors. This will help a buyer imagine what colors they want to paint the walls if they are done in a neutral color like eggshell or off white. Make sure that your floors are clean and if you have pets, the carpets are clean and have no pet odors.