Putting Together A Shopping List Of Materials For Your Construction Project

The logistics of a construction project can be complicated, including sourcing all the materials you need, which is a feat in itself. No matter the size of your construction project, you will require lots of different materials to complete it to the highest standard. You must source the best quality materials and search for the most competitive prices to ensure you do not overrun your budget for your project. Below are some tips and advice to help you find the best quality materials at affordable prices for your construction project and ensure you achieve an excellent level of finish.

Create A Materials Calendar

When you are planning your project, you will want to create a materials calendar, which lists everything you will need and on what date. It shows you when you need to have things ready so that it does not delay your project. You can click here to watch a short video on planning a materials calendar, so you always have everything you need and there are no costly delays.

Create A Spreadsheet Of Materials

You now want to create a materials spreadsheet, which you can also use as your shopping list. You want to make a different tab on the spreadsheet for all the materials you will use, and each tab will need similar information. You will need to include the material, quantity, and when it must be on-site, and there are details of the suppliers you find that you want to have, such as:

  • Website Link
  • Unit Price
  • Delivery Charge – Free Delivery On Orders Over A Certain Value
  • Lead Time
  • Discounts Available
  • Contact Details
  • Credit Facility

You can create one template and duplicate the sheet, customising each with the required project materials. Once you have made a list of the cement, bricks, ducting, electrical cables, and dual-purpose access panels you need and everything is on your list, you can start looking for suppliers.

Shopping For Materials

Gone are the days when you would need to hike around builders’ merchants to compare prices or make many phone calls. The easiest way to find your project’s building materials is by shopping online. You need to go through all the materials on your spreadsheet and find multiple suppliers for each one, so you can compare them and find the one that offers the best prices, including delivery. It will take time to complete your spreadsheet with multiple suppliers for each material, and then you need to start comparing them and placing your orders.

Comparing The Suppliers & Placing Orders

You must be careful when looking for the cheapest suppliers of quality building materials, and selecting the lowest unit price is not always the best option. Many suppliers will offer free delivery on orders over a specific value, so grouping the products you buy with suppliers is best to help achieve this. As such, you sometimes pay a little more per unit to enjoy free delivery, saving you more money in the long run. Start staggering your orders and ensure there is enough space to store the materials until needed, and always check the latest prices before orders, as they change often.