Five tests of an efficient business marketing strategy

Despite his efforts, small businesses and professional service companies sometimes find that they only realize the results of the results or their business marketing plans can not be fully implemented. Marketing plans may fail or miss the brand for various reasons. One of the most common reasons can be found in the business marketing strategy and not in action plans.

Here are five tests of a business marketing strategy that must be completed if your marketing plan and activities should succeed.

1. Alignment with commercial strategy. It is absolutely essential that you align your business marketing strategy with your business strategy. The marketing strategy must circulate the commercial strategy. For example, if your growth strategy is to increase business by adding a new product, you will work for cross purposes if your overall strategy is to focus on selling your existing products.

2. Sensitivity to the budget. The budget sets the boundaries of your business marketing strategy. Regardless of the quality of an idea, if you have spent half of your budget and you need the rest to meet your goals, you simply can not continue the new idea without additional funds.

3. Complete. Your business marketing strategy should describe all your marketing goals, as well as the tactics you will use to accomplish them. It must encompass all your marketing – traditional, internet, mobile, point of sale, etc., but it must also allow just enough flexibility to allow you to change change to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity with a Very strong chance of success.

4. Balanced. It is unlikely that you come out a unique and closely defined demographics within your target audience or you will use a unique marketing tactic. A successful operational marketing strategy will include ways to reach several segments of your target audience and talk to these people through several mediums.

5. Defined hearing. A bargain marketing strategy will reflect important research on the desires, needs and preferences of your target market. He will then use the tactics most likely to reach this audience where they can most often be found. This will reflect your understanding of the message they need to hear and the communication support they prefer.

If your business marketing strategy can succeed these five tests, you will be on your way to create a winning plan that will make your goals and develop your business in the strategic direction you want the company to go.