Fibre Pipes: Making Life Worse

It is a sufficient and substandard drainage method to use pitch fiber pipes. These types of pipes were common in schools, hospitals, and housing estates built in the 1950s and 1960s. Unblock drains bracknell experts agree that pitch fibers are one of the worst types of drainage systems, but some thought pitch fibers were modern. Nowadays, if you’re using these kinds of pipes, you have to be immediately renovated or fixed up before it goes for a fortune. Pitch fiber pipes cause a number of problems, and fixing them is extremely challenging.

Pitch Fibre Pipes – What Exactly Are They?

In pitch fiber pipes, wood cellulose is combined with coal tar to make them. In 1954-1980, pitch fiber pipes were commonly installed in drainage systems and are therefore prone to leaks, overflows, and blockages. Convenient and affordable, these pipes were often used in domestic and commercial drainage systems of the day as they were affordable and lightweight. The pitch fiber pipes are estimated to cause problems in up to 45,000+ properties every year.

Does My Pitch Fiber Pipe Seem To Be Malfunctioning?

Inspecting drainage problems with a CCTV drain survey is one of the simplest ways. There is no better way to identify plumbing issues like collapsed pipes or roots entering your home than with this simple, cost-effective method. Some companies offer pre-purchase assistance that lets you know whether there are any potential pipe issues with your potential new home in advance, as well as thoroughly inspecting the drainage system before you make an offer on the house. It is crucial that you contact a specialist as soon as you discover blocked pipes and drains to unblock drains bracknell are not functioning properly, as problems could develop quickly.

There Is Always The Possibility Of Pitch Fibre Drainage Collapsing

Pitch fibre pipes have a short lifespan, which is one of the problems they face. It has been estimated that pitch fibre pipes last 45+ years. Thereafter, they are causing expensive repairs and blocked collagen. They can easily collapse and become misshapen due to their cheap and lightweight design. When a Pitch fibre drains and pipe is continuously immersed in water, its wall becomes deformed. Pitch fibre pipes are certainly a serious issue when they carry garbage and water. Adding blubbers, oils, chemicals and fluids at high temperatures makes the problem worse.

Pitch Fibre Drains And Pipes With Root Ingress

A root ingress issue also plagues pitch fiber pipes. Roots can enter pipes and cause damage, resulting in the collapse of the pipes. The risk of root penetration is lower with other forms of better piping. An unblock drains bracknell expert in root removal service will efficiently and cost-effectively remove the roots from your pipes at Maintain Drains.

Pitch Fibre Drains And Pipe Problems In Several Ways

When using pitch fibre drains pipes, you have a few options to choose from. Our ‘no-dig’ solution will increase the life of your pipes if you are currently using this type of drainage. Comparatively to excavating and replacing the drains entirely, repairing the pipes is cheaper and less destructive. Additionally, the pipes can be recycled.