Colourful Website Design Inspiration

Although meeting rooms have a stylish décor and fittings, some are situated within modern business parks, with parking plentiful, professional meeting planners to help, refreshments which can be served and they can often be hired for half day, it’s no longer feasible to run a business without a web presence, because of the digital era. Even with a great skill in color combining, you may feel less inspired, which is why we’ve done some research on the web in order to find some websites which use color very well and the shades and  palettes used is what makes them remarkable. Color can be used to attract attention, so we’ll show you examples of colorful websites, as unfolding a pick of your favorite rainbow is always an important part in today’s world. Some of them are interactive, so feel free to drop them a comment.


Website colors are a responsibility for any designer, because they affect the mood, so the use of quiet tones attracts users, while the use of bright colors can make your web project individual. Get inspired and start using bright colors as, when used properly, you can easily create mesmerizing websites. In order to correctly choose, you need to have experience of work and know which colors are most suitable, as the site of a portfolio designer should be bright, while the site of a photographer is best to be implemented in light colors.


Color plays a big part in attracting users, as developing an effective color scheme can completely change the look of a website, which is why we recommend a web design that uses three to five colors, although the mixing can be distracting, so don’t forget to protect your eyes! The world isn’t black and white, so there aren’t many black and white websites, so in order to give you some inspiration, let’s try to get your creative juices flowing. When designing a website, colorful websites can be attractive and the color scheme is usually determined by the existing branding, so here’s a collection of vibrant website designs.


In case you’re looking to build colorful websites, this is a perfect article as we’ve rounded up an excellent collection for your inspiration of creative designs that use strong colors, emphasizing the key features. It’s a fact: bold colors stand out from the crowd, and the aesthetic of a webpage is one of the most important aspects as visitors are not going to hang around on an ugly website.



The design uses big background images.



For this client we chose a bold colorful look, with an eye-catching design, even though the actual pages aren’t quite as colorful, making it definitely a cool place to rent an escort for the evening.



The massive music and arts festival goes with a colorful psychedelic with a bold header which is site-wide and a serious dose of color.



This website design has super colorful and it’s a great approach for a park presentation website.

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