Top Most Creative Ecommerce and Portfolios Websites

There is a large amount of websites with a work showcase, so look at this list of websites, but don’t forget that a portfolio is much more than a simple section, which is why we’ve focused on distinctive portfolios with unique layouts and structures. The internet is full of design portfolios, so it can be quite a challenge to make your online portfolio as impressive as you can, so we’ve provided a set of tips, highlighting those who don’t need any help in this article. Believe it or not, eCommerce stores have become the future of our shopping, the reason why more and more people are moving towards online shopping, but even if it’s just the presentation of fashion clothing, people seem to love seeing beautiful designs.


As many designers prefer to work alone, we searched for some individual creative portfolios, keeping in mind that most agency sites are built on a logo – best work basis. If you fail to present visitors with an attractive website, then you’re leaving money on the table, because attractive web design can help you redesign your online presence, so let’s take a look. Once upon a time, acclaimed artists realized that a portfolio website comes with a number of benefits, as a great way of making the best possible first impression, build a brand, and keep their best work well-organized, but if you want to get the most out of your portfolio, you need to look at it through your potential clients’ eyes.


When it comes to our favorite ecommerce, the ones we chose excel at delivering a pleasant shopping experience with designs which make their products shine in a clean and elegant fashion, but we’ve also included several with ecommerce sections available. These top ecommerce sites show that, although designing is big business, anyone can launch an online store and highly immersive online shopping experiences with the current offers of customizable templates, so here are some that have caught our eye. If you want to build your own graphic design website, try to be unique to help you show off your style and experiment.

  1. Carolina Herrera: an interesting sidebar menu making the webpage easy-to-use, with multi-level layout which greatly enhances the browsing experience.
  2. Lotta Nieminen Studio: art direction which creates holistic visual solutions.
  3. Journey Group: a truly inspirational story has been revealed in a deliberate manner.
  4. X-Doria: the design of navigation and filtering is important for users, but it’s also a necessary way to locate useful information, which is why they are constantly helping users easily find what they need.
  5. Not Another Bill: features a natural language filter, and the whole idea behind the rebuild was to shift its direction to a full online store, by a company that sets its sights high with he minimal design approach.
  6. Robby Leonardi: it’s special because it associates the portfolio with a novel way of displaying what was dry information in a videogame that the visitor can play, making us scroll with joy.

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